Family Trip to Bastrop

Family Trip to Bastrop

The worst past of my recent trip to Bastrop State Park is that I forgot my camera! Luckily, my phone doubles as a camera, just without a lot of the control I’m used to. Other than that it was a beautiful day, the park wasn’t very busy and the kids were ready to hike!

Burned Loblolly Pine
Burned Loblolly Pine

For anyone that isn’t aware, in 2011 there were major fires in this part of Texas. The fires burned 32,000 acres, destroyed 1,600 homes, killed two people and went on burning for 55 days. The park is not the same since but a lot of work is being done to help the restoration process, even though it is slow going. Trees don’t grow overnight like in video games.

The park is still beautiful in its own right though. We arrived mid morning and set off for one of the park lookouts. The kids were real troopers and hiked 3/4 mile uphill, overlooked the highway (it was a bit disappointing), had a water break and headed back down to the car. Then we set off for the picnic tables to enjoy some lunch before taking a bit of time to play on the playground. Then hiked another 1 - 1.5 mile loop.

It’s funny, with the pandemic, we don’t go to playgrounds nearly as much as we used to. In the beginning it was because we didn’t know which ones were open, what was allowed, who would wear a mask… there were just so many unknowns and now it’s to the point where we no longer have a habit of playing at the playground. Unexpected changes I guess.

Stairs Up the Trail
Uphill on the Trail

Here’s a few bonus photos I took. Again, I really wish I would have had my camera with me, but I suppose my phone will have to do for now. We’re planning the head out to Enchanted Rock soon and I plan on taking my camera along for some fun shots.

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