Beginnings of a Garden

Beginnings of a Garden

After a year of work, mostly by Kyle, our garden is up an running.  Last night we enjoyed a dinner made 80% from ingredients grown in our garden!

In the span of a month we went from this…

Garden Before

to this…

Garden After

Only time will tell how we do in the heat!

Here’s some close ups of how things are going so far. This is the first time I’ve produced tomatoes that are actually producing!

  • garden1
  • garden2
  • garden3
  • garden4
  • garden5
  • garden6

Potato fruit?!?  Who knew potatoes did this?  Apparently it’s pretty toxic though.

Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato

Aww… baby bell pepper!

Baby Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper

Sunflowers, corn and more sunflowers!

Sunflowers and Corn
Sunflowers and Corn

Bush Beans

Bush Bean
Bush Beans

We also have lettuce, spinach, carrot sprouts, and overly ripe radishes!